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April 2, 2012 · 1 comment

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The Good Chocolate Guide to AustraliaHooray for World Vision!

They’ve made it OK to eat chocolate again!!

Because I prefer my chocolate without even a whiff of child slavery attached.

If it’s all the same with you.


Here’s a little post about chocolate as it’s Easter very soon. I’m already looking forward to having chocolate for breakfast. It’s not something we eat every day in our family, but at Easter and Christmas, it’s a real treat.

Makes me feel like a kid again. Love that.

My children will eat any type of chocolate with joy and gusto, but I’ve managed over the years to give away cheap and bland choccie and embrace the best.

And that means the best both in taste and also in ethical quality.

Don't Trade Lives The Good Chocolate Guide

Ethical chocolate guide

The Good Chocolate Guide to Australia

And that’s where World Vision has helped. Their Good Chocolate Guide to Australia lists all the ethical chocolate available in Australia. This means, in their words:

“Ethical Chocolate” refers to cocoa that is independently certified to have been harvested without the use of forced, child or trafficked labour*.

Download a copy here

How many of these chocolate brands have you tried?

I’ve managed five out of the 13 brands, so now I have a new hobby, tasting the rest of them.

In moderation of course.

But what about the other, bigger brands? I had a few questions to ask World Vision’s fair trade expert Ruth Dearnley.


Was the Aussie Good Chocolate Guide a unique Aussie idea or is this a worldwide thing?

World Vision Australia’s Good Chocolate Guide is unique to Australia and specifically refers to chocolate companies operations in Australia.

Do you know of any ethical Easter eggs??

Cadbury’s “Dairy Milk Easter Magic” Egg is the only ethically-certified Easter Egg by a major brand. However there are some other ethically-certified Easter Eggs available from smaller boutique companies such as Chocolatier, Scarborough Fair and Cocolo.

Many of these brands are not available in major supermarkets, but will be found online, in specialist stores and some department stores. You can also find ethical Easter products from Oxfam Shops and other similar outlets.

I would recommend looking at this is a fantastic resource for finding ethically-certified products in your area. However it heavily relies on us, the concerned public, to input information. So if you find ethical products in your area – add them here so others can access them more easily too!

Lindt has The Lindt Promise, yet it isn’t in the Guide?

It is positive that Lindt (and the other major chocolate companies) recognise that forced and child labour in the cocoa industry is a serious problem and something that they must address. However to ensure that there is no forced or child labour in their supply chain they need transparent independent checks and audits by a third party – ethical certification is the most credible assurance available.

Some of these chocolate brands are pretty hard to find, can you help?

There are an ever increasing number of retailers/suppliers of ethically-certified chocolate, which is good news for making ethical consumerism easier for concerned customers. Sadly, we can’t publish them all – but again would recommend people populate

However there have not been significant advancements within the industry – certainly not from big chocolate companies. World Vision firmly believes that these major brands cannot hide behind just a few ethically-certified products. Much more needs to be done.

Thanks Ruth.

World Vision has a terific visual guide on making ethical Easter eggs and sweets on their Facebook page, find it here.

Good Chocolate Guide to AustraliaI’ve already bought my four children some non-ethical Easter eggs for this year. They have one each. I have none… yet!

And now I know where to find a good egg.

Plus with my consciousness now raised, I’ll buy some Good Chocolate Guide to Australia approved choc and make some little eggs.

Are you a good egg?

Do you eat ethical chocolate?

In small but delicious quantities!??


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Clare April 4, 2012 at 2:59 pm

Loved reading your blog Seana:) Thanks so much for raising awareness for such an important issue. No child should have to work. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs:) xClare, World Vision Team


I love reading your comments! Thanks for leaving one and hope to see you again very soon!

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