Hello, I’ve decided that this blog need to move house.

I’m too busy over at Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel, and will never be able to give this one the attention it deserves as its own entity.

So… over the next few weeks (months!) I will move all the viable posts over to Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel.  I’ll start some new healthy body categories over there.

The Mum’s Diet will come down.  I do love the title, and have so much to say about how tricky it is to eat well and exercise when we have a houseful of boisterous bairns.

But two blogs is one too many!

Do pop over to the new home, you’ll be made very welcome there.

Seana xxx


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This is a blogvertorial for Digital Parents Collective and SPC.
fruit bowls full of fruit

If only our family fruit bowls always looked like this… but sadly….

Because I’m a housewife superstar, our family fruit bowls are always full to brimming.


We run out of fresh fruit very regularly, at which point I start to panic about what fruits to put into the kids’ morning teas and lunch boxes.

You can usually find me scrabbling around in the kitchen drawers, looking for:

dried apricots

dried cranberries

sultanas etc

SPC Fruit Crush-Ups

Last week the kind souls over at SPC and Digital Parents Collective took pity on me (or on the kids, perhaps?) and sent over some Fruit Crush-Ups to try.

I have to be honest and say that I hadn’t seen or tired this brand before.

Verdict? The kids love them.

They’ve especially loved to have a frozen one put into their lunchboxes, they say it’s perfectly chilly by lunchtime.

Fruit Crush-Ups Fast Facts

Each pouch contains half a serve of fruit

No artificial flavours or colours pr preservatives or sweeteners (thank you!)

Cap is resealable so no mess- unlike other fruits!!

RRP is $1.29 per pouch

Six child-tastic flavours: mango, banana, mixed berry, fruit salad, tropical and strawberry

Winner – 2013 Product Of The Year

Consumers voted SPC Crush-Ups ‘Product Of The Year’  which means this new product is certainly off to a flying start!


We were sent four of each flavour and these are all that’s left after just a few days. Those blooming kids!!

Any Downsides?

Just my usual problem of trying to keep snacks safe from prying little and large hands. My four tend to devour snacks faster than I can buy them.

And of course there’s the packaging, we do prefer not to be throwing packaging in the rubbish bin. But at the same time, packaged foods can be a lifesaver, or a lunchsaver in this case.


SPC Fruit Crush-Ups Giveaway

You could win eight pouches of each flavour of Fruit Crush-Ups, that’s 48 pouches. Should last a few weeks… hopefully!

Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. There are extra entires if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations  Sue Su’a-Luausu, you have won this giveaway!!

Do you have a secret lunch boxes snack for desperate times?

Or are you never that disorganised!!??



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